The best racing games out today


Just like fighting games, racers can be played with utmost expertise and skills. Gamers can be focused on smashing opponents, bouncing barriers or shaving milliseconds in the shortest time they can. Many of the best racing games are on Xbox One that owners of Microsoft’s console are just lucky.


Several highly-anticipated car racing games for Xbox One have been released since 2016 and this year, it is time to check on those games and rank them based on gameplay, graphics, mods, tracks, cars and global sales. The following lists 5 of the best racing games for Xbox One in 2017:


  1. Dirt Rally

Released in 2015, Dirt Rally offers sheer fun, be it in sound or realism. Fans of this single or multiplayer game from Codemasters agree it is currently the best rallying game in the market, a must-buy for rally driving fans who want to test how well they can keep the car on the road while heading to the trees. It gives an amazing feeling when the gamer can expertly slide around corners with the utmost handbrake turns. It can be a difficult game with a gut-wrenching crash in every move. Dirt Rally enjoyed great success, that it was released on Xbox One and PS4 following its release on Steam.


  1. F1 2016


F1 2016 was a huge improvement of the franchise, courtesy of more real-life approaches which were added to the game. One of best racing games for Xbox One, the game features 10 full seasons as well as all of the 21 circuits from season 2016, like the Baku street circuit. Also present are the new teams of Haas and Renault. F1 2016 is the dream of many gamers with amazing handling and speed.


  1. Forza Horizon 3


Playground Games’ Forza Horizon 3 allows gamers to drive into the open world to cause much destruction that is one of the most satisfying experiences of racing games. One of the best racing games for Xbox One, it is enjoying a strong presence in the gaming community, raising the bar with a series of customizations like kits from Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk, 350 cars and a larger map. Blizzard Mountain, its expansion title which came out in December 2016 allows players to be Mountain kings, driving on snow if they have the Blizzard Pass.


  1. Forza Motorsport 6


Forza Motorsport 6 is an all-round racing game, being the most complete and accessible racing title. It makes gamers forget Forza 5’s lack of content. What makes it among the best racing games for Xbox One and less daunting to neophytes are the 26 circuits, 24 cars in every race and a revamped multiplayer system. Not to mention the stunning graphics at 1080p, old school playability and fun as well as 60fps frame rate and a great balance of realism.


  1. Project Cars


Project Cars is a huge racing sim which leverages virtual reality, and among the best VR games. A second version is said to come in September to bring things to the next level. It will offer a series of tracks from 50 locations, and more than 200 tracks to choose from, with dynamic time and weather.